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Illness. [Jan. 29th, 2009|02:26 pm]
Persephone's Kiss


It's that time of year again folks!

Apart from missing most of Kat's b-day yesterday cause of being ill... I'm back at college. *Giant sarcastic cheer*

College is hell at the moment, So much work, so little time. SO MANY DISTRACTIONS. This sill all be explained later, in a little... Special drop thingy that LJ has.

NOW FOR DOLLY STUFFS! - I have this amazing design idea, it's been doodled SO many times, I just need to get it onto the template, so I can start to colour and stuff. I might ask Kat for lessons. But I love the idea of having photoshop (<3 christmas) to recolour stuff really easily. I'm also getting a copy of illustrator for the cool fashion-y style industry programs. I really should have more for this section, but I don't.

Basically, I've had enough of my keyskills teacher. she is, quite possibly, the most patronizing cow I've ever met. I'm holding back on the language. But I cannot stand being in the same room as her, so, I've stopped going, and I got called out on it just now. But my teachers twitched when he said her name, so I don't think he likes her either.

College itself is just so bad at the moment. Life here is like being starved, then watching as people feast around you. The social life is so strained by work, yet I seem to be the only one that gets effected by it, even though I know it happens to other people too. I wish I could play WoW here, WoW has been my release for ages because it's challenging, difficult to drop, and is basically the most addictive fun game I've ever played.

However, Enough of this rant! back to the happy!
<3 you all!!!!