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PK Update – January 14th 2009 [Jan. 14th, 2009|02:49 pm]
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Alright so.. Where to start? My head is swimming with all the stuff that’s going on right now. So much to tell!

I’ll be ordering my Homme Ducan at some point tonight, so we officially go from wanting to waiting, and that’s really super exciting. Which means, in about 7 weeks Jorryn will be home and I’ll actually be able to get started for real real.

See, right now, PK is in the early development and planning stages. And for now, this blog is as much documenting the process as it is a storefront. We have nothing to sell right now! Soon, yes. Very soon. But if you emailed me right now, I’d have nothing to give you!

Cam is currently working on designs for our premier line, which he’ll be sending out to me for fitting by the end of next month. I’ll be sending them back to him after that and he’ll get started after that. In the mean time I’ll be working on designs of my own to help him out a bit (I’ll be making copies of his patterns as well). We’re getting that all sorted out. So that’s where the fashion stuff is right now.

I’ve ordered all new pastels from an art supplier, and my first shipment of ZM Finishing Powder Spray from Volks is on it’s way, likely to sit and gather dust until J gets home, but I’ll at least have it when he gets here.. So that’ll be good.

I’m a bit annoyed with DoD right now. They’re still claiming out of stock on a lot of their stuff, there are things that I’m going to need when J gets here. Ahwell, I’m ordering him tonight because he takes the longest. I assume the rest of it will get to me a lot faster if I order it later.. which I know makes little sense, but then it won’t be part of his order, and they can just ship it out when they get it instead of holding onto it until J’s ready.

I don’t know if he’s going to take the full 7 weeks to get to me though... I’m not getting his faceup done, or any blushing or anything so.. maybe not? Hopefully not? I dunno. We’ll see. Pray that I have, at least, his eyes and hair here when he gets here.

He’s gonna be some mad if I don’t…

Anyway, I intend to put his box opening up on Youtube, and I’ll embed it here as well, as well as likely post it on DoA if they ever open up registration again.. *sigh*

So much to do, and yet, so much waiting as well.

Shine bright, childrens