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Persephone's Kiss

Doll Fashion and Customization

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Persephone's Kiss - BJD Fashion and Customization Blog
Persephone's Kiss - Ball-Joint Doll Fashion and Customization is a small company owned and run by Designers Kat Veilleux and Cam Hiscock. Specializing in 60cm-64cm Asian Ball Joint Dolls, primarily in original design fashion clothing as well as a full selection of customization "Spa" services. Established in 2008, their goals include making a name for themselves in the industry as a friendly and reliable producer and supplier of quality products and services; as well as eventually taking the business out of the digital world to prestigious conventions such as Anime North and Anime Expo.

Our Models

At this time, Jorryn, our main model, has been ordered and is currently on his way to becoming part of Kat's family. He is a D.O.T Homme Ducan from Dream of Doll and is 64cm tall. We look forward to having pictures of him soon!

Ix, Cam's prospective boy, is a D.O.T. Lahoo, and will be hopefully joining Cam's family by the end of this year. From Dream of Doll, he is 64cm tall as well.

All pictures of D.O.T. Homme Ducan and D.O.T. Lahoo are property of Dream Of Doll and are used without permission. They will be replaced as soon as possible.