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PK Update – February 13th 2009 [Feb. 13th, 2009|01:21 pm]
Persephone's Kiss


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Hellooo world!

It's been a while since I've written here but I figured now is as good a time as any, though I'm putting off my Japanese lesson to do it ^_^;;
Let's see.. The weekend before last I went into Toronto to spend some time with a friend of mine and pick up some art supplies. I got myself a couple watercolor pencils, some fine fine brushes and some Golden Fluid Acryllic paint (which, by the way, is amazing).
J's eyes, boots and hair have arrived (Volks, Pupa Paradise and Denver Doll respectively), and they're all perfect. The wig had an obnoxiously girly inward curl at the ends though, so me and my straightening iron on the lowest heat had to do something about that. It'll need to be trimmed when he gets here, but without being able to place it on him to get the length right, I'm not about to try to trim it. My mother's first comment when she saw it though was "If it's a boy doll, why did you get long hair'.... This might be a long summer..
Two nights ago the wig spent the night in a bucket of cold water and vinegar to get out any extra dye so it doesn't stain him when it comes in.
Day 28 of waiting, but shipping notices for early December are coming in according to DoA so *fingers crossed* He should be here by the middle-end of March. Maybe while Sam (my husband) is here. That would be cool :D
What else... Oh! I'm currently waiting on a set of pearl ex pigment powders to come in. I've seen what they can do for a doll's faceup and I'm super excited to use them, though on Jorryn they're going to have to be muted and subtle at best, however when I get my Pukipukis, they will be liberally used.

So, my currently planned wishlist:
Wynter - Souldoll Chiron, human version, white skin. Custom eyes, white wig.
Dante - Luts Yder, white skin. Custom eyes, custom wig. (I am going to have SO much fun working on him. The character is a fire sidhe, so playing with glitter, different hair/wigs is not entirely out of the question)
Lily - Fairyland Lily Puki, Beautiful white skin - custom eyes (red, cat), black fur wig, little black batwings.
Minthe - Fairyland Pipi Puki, Beautiful white skin - pale green eyes, pale green fur wig, soft green sparkly blushing
Zashiki - Fairyland Cupid1 Puki, Beautiful white skin - PANDA PUKIPUKI!! *bounce*

At the moment, I think the plan is, when I get the shipping notice for my Ducan, to put in for Dante and the Pukis. That'll give me time to bond with him and get some time to get him customized while knowing more babies are on the way. Then when they're all in, depending on when, ordering my Chiron. That way, staggered, I'll have time to customize them all and bond with them before the next arrives. I'm not really super worried about waiting for Wyn because he's not the.. cuddly sort. I know that sounds weird, and while he's a beloved beloved character of mine, who I'm aching to immortalize in resin, he's not a doll to be played with, you know?

After J gets in and he's had his work done, I'm going to start offering free+shipping faceups to get a portfolio started, so if you want one, let me know!

Until then

Shine bright, childrens


[User Picture]From: fantasy2004
2009-11-20 07:52 pm (UTC)
Guess who. (friending you)
I guess your plans change. LOL
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