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Ladies and Gentlemen.... [Jan. 16th, 2009|11:52 am]
Persephone's Kiss


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I give you boredom, I'm at college with nothing to do (That I have with me). So, I thought I'd come here and poke about for a little while.

Right, Starting with my design process.
The lack of "good" designs I am coming up with depress me. Kat said that they don't all have to be perfect, and I can pull elements of all the badones together and make a good one, well. That is one way of doing it. But when I'm designing I like a steaming mug of tea, pencils, paints and fine liners (On a side note, I LOVE STAEDLTER triplus fineliners. THEY ARE AMAZING) and for the ideas just to swim over me.

College right now is at one of the testing points as far as I can tell. I've done a psychology exam, think I did pretty well, but the work load is piling up and I've been frantically working through it. Right now, alls I have is textiles to do, which will consume most of my weekend. I feel as if posting it here is a good idea, as it proves something. I am a human being not a machine o.o;;

Right, back to the dolly side of the world. I'm looking for a job so I can make some money to help get me a Lahoo for my designing. Ix, Loves the Lahoo so much! and he would love to take that form. However, Kat and I were giggling to ourselves on skype about the rivalry that will more than likely happen between Jorryn and Ix, and I feel that I will HAVE to send garments to Jorryn to avoid being combusted. Also, Ix will not crossdress... nor does it suit him. Therefore Jorryn will be wearing all of the more feministic of my designs which there are now and abundance of.

Another aspect of designing that I reaslise I fail at, is that even though I have my small variety of mediums, I don't use enough. So If you have any suggestions do email/comment me. I'm looking for texture and clarity because I'm hoping to be able to slip some of the designs into a portfolio.

Also, If you want to chat to me on Aim, I'm often avaiable from about 5:30pm-11pm GMT. My little Aim thingy is Ixcam123. Please do not add and abuse. Add and chat civilly and if you're nice enough I may voice with you and say long sentences/quotes in english. Because I love the reactions I get.

Oh!!! More news. I am planning a trip across the pond to be in america with Kat and Her Hubby! It will happen in 2010/2011 and It will be the most awesome happy fun time ever. Reason I brought this up was because of reactions to english accents. I was planning to go into a highschool and just say random things. However, Kat reminded me that this would probably involve me being attacked by people squeezing me into an odd shape and screaming cute at the top of their lungs. It has happened before. o.o;;

For any british fans, If you could link me fabric stores websites' I'd be really appreciative. I'm going to Fabric Land (Portsmouth) on Saturday morning, to go and look at their january sales, and hopefully bag all of the expensive fabrics at 1/2 of the cost. Being a student is hard on my wallet, all I have at the moment is....43p. Wow.... that's terrible. Anyway, I should stop waffling.

Talk to you all later my dolly fans!

Cam <3